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Why Pay2Soft.com?

Why SaaS model?  According to IDC 2004, there are three main   components of SaaS: application service provisioning (ASP), Web-native applications, and hosted Web services applications.  Our project is to focus on Hosted Web-Services Applications, providing our MI-CCA series of services to global markets based on one-to-many business model.

Source from IDC – Article dated 2004

Adored by Sales Reps and Call Center Agents – Sales Reps and Call Center Agents need an easy solution, neither complicated nor complex. Pay2Soft.com gives them fast access to data, with user friendly interface that every user will happy and use.

Important for Sales Manager – Managers need updates on the activities of their sales personnel, and to monitor the revenue generated from their contracts. Pay2Soft.com provides strong opportunity management, forecasting, as well as dashboard visibility of information, thus managers can be ensured the productivity of their teams.

Favored by Executives – Executive need information in short period of time given to them, and they need to response business questions quickly and accurately without going through the whole database. Thus, with the powerful analytics and dashboards that Pay2Soft.com provides, executives are becoming more efficient in workplace.


  Automated upgrade process to provide access to latest capabilities
  High level of service to make your organization more productive
  Real time analytics empower your business to make better decision
  Spend less time on software training, support and enhancement
  Updates to keep your application secure and available
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