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MIC-CA Contact

In any organizations, customers remain to be the key element to the success of its business. It is therefore of great importance for every business to have in depth visibility and knowledge about their customers. That is why choosing the right contact manager that provides a team-based selling advantage is a top priority for your business.

As many in the business community have outgrown their own personal phonebook and basic personal information management tools, hence emerge the greater need for a proper business contact manager. The answer is MIC-CA Contact, a complete customer view for everyone in your organization.

MIC-CA contact, a best of breed team-based customer solution, delivers comprehensive and consistent customer while offering a friendly user experience. MIC-CA Contact bridges the gap between low-end personal information managers and high-end sales force automation or CRM solutions. With MIC-CA Contact, you will be able to manage customer information and communication more efficiently in three ways:

  • Team-based contact management allows a single source of customer information to be access throughout the organization.

  • Ease-of-use equals less time spent learning software and more time servicing your customers

  • Process automation helps shorten sales cycle and increase revenue opportunities

MIC-CA family of products provides contact management, sales and marketing solutions, integrated with service and support, specifically designed for professionals and small organizations. MIC-CA provides tools that go beyond basic contact management and allows individuals and organizations to streamline the way they do business.

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